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16th November 2005

My name is Laura Gilbert. I am a spinning instructor, personal trainer, masseuse and nutritionist.


I met Errol Denton about two months ago at the David Lloyd Club where I work and decided to let him test my blood, He found that my red blood cells were sticking together due to high acidity in my blood. Also that I did not have enough essential fatty acids and that this was causing ghost cells to be formed. On the whole my fitness level was fairly high and I was not experiencing any health problems.


However I decided to try the green potion known as the "pH Miracle Greens". WOW! It certainly turned out to be SUPER! Since I have been taking the latter I have experienced many changes and I will share these with you.


I run every day for an hour and have increased my average running speeds by 10%. I definitely have a greater supply of oxygen readily available and feel less tired at the end of the day. I have also lost about 5 pounds in weight and my body fat has reduced by about 3%.


When I first started taking ph miracle green drink I found the taste to be most unpleasant, this was because of the high acidity of my blood but now I can honestly say that I don’t mind the taste at all. I am definitely hooked on this stuff and the fantastic effects it has had for me in my training career. I would recommend this to one and all and truly believe that the long term effects of Greens can seriously save lives.


I would like to thank Errol for all of the above and hope that many more people can gain from nutritional microscopy live blood cell analysis.


Yours truly 

Laura Gilbert.


Andrew R Carpenter

Age 37

Area: Hainault

Occupation: Plumber

Date of original blood test: 25 January 2007

Date of re-test: 30 April 2007

I was overweight (15 stone 7lbs) and was becoming increasingly likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.  My main health problem was the increasing occurrence of gout. On seeing my GP the only help available to me was to take medication daily for the rest of my life.  I wasn’t happy to do this and asked my GP if I could see a Nutritionist to help me change my diet in order to ease my gout.  I was told I didn’t meet the criteria for a referral and that “I would be wasting my money” by going private. 

Being a keen golfer and the gout hampering my handicap, a golfing friend recommended Errol Denton, Microscopist to me.  I found Errol to be extremely knowledgeable and I found his comments and advice both helpful and logical. 


Since I have followed Errol’s dietary recommendation I have lost over two stone in weight, have more energy, but the main benefit is that I have not had any recurrence of gout.  


I plan to continue with this diet as I realise it is a lifestyle change and what the long term benefits will be. I would happily recommend Errol to anyone and am very pleased with the way he has helped me over the past few months.  

Live Blood test 26TH March 07

My name is Sofeta Jackson

Age 71 Years old

I live in Wembley

I am a retired Nurse


Before my live blood test 

My health has been very poor for a long time, I was so ill I was bedridden. I could not even go out to church because of my bad health.   I have been seeking help for my health issues for a long time and have seen many different specialists and been on numerous medicines. I have attended hospital outpatients for years. I had serve eczema all over my body from head to foot for 40 years. I have been a type 2 diabetic for 8 years and my blood pressure has been high for years.  I used to see my doctor every 3 weeks. When I used to lie down I would be in so much pain that I would have to sit up all the time.  February 2006 I collapsed and was rushed to hospital and stayed 6 weeks then discharged for 4 weeks then taken back into hospital for another few weeks.  At the time the hospital said that I had severe eczema, severe dehydration, and high sugar intake. I was not eating properly. 

My friend Dorothy was very concerned about my health so she suggested that I came along to have my blood looked at.  (at the time my friend had not had her blood checked) but her  very close friend Nygen had already had  her live blood test done by Errol  and had  starting  seeing  good results.  So my friend recommended that I gave it a try!! 

I found the live blood test experience to be very interesting, it was a real eye opener and it showed all what was wrong with me.  I found Errol Denton the Microscopist to be very polite and very educated.  He explained what was wrong with me and introduced me to the correct foods and ph miracle green drink that would help me and it did help! 

After my live blood test: 

I was able to go to church a week later!! I walked to the shops something that I could not do before.  My husband always collects my prescriptions I collected them myself last week. Before I had the test I had bad concentration and foggy thinking especially when reading now these things have all improved. I have also gained lots more energy and can do so much more with my time. 

I had two nurses that used to visit me once per week. Now they no longer need to come and visit me.  I also have a helper who comes to bath me and hold me in the bath. She visits 2 times per week to dry and cream me due to my eczema. My helper was so surprised to see me so well   I am going to tell her that I no longer need her and that I can manage to bath myself.  Overall I am feeling much better. My face has totally cleared up.  My skin, hands and legs are getting better.  My diabetes is stable and all my friends and family have noticed the change in my appearance and say I look healthier. 

After trying for many years with my doctor’s different health treatments with nothing working I was amazed to find that this has worked in such a short space of time. I have seen so many improvements in my health therefore I will keep doing what Errol has recommended to gain my total health back. 

As time has gone on I have had more and more energy I am out visiting all the time and keeping up all my church commitments. Each week I do my own food shopping pulling my own trolley   before I could not go someone had to go for me. 

I had six tests at the hospital for blood pressure cholesterol etc since following this programme. The results were excellent and the hospital could not understand how they were so good for a person of my age.  The consultant wanted to keep my test results because she had not seen improvements like these before!!  As I have been getting my health back my family and friends all have noticed so I have recommended Errol’s Microscopy service to many of them who are now doing the programme. 

Live blood test retest 3rd August 2007 

I had my retest done by Errol Denton the results were that my blood had very much improved. I have still got some work to do, but on the whole things are looking very good!!

My name is Vanessa Harris.                              

I am 36 years old.

I live in Camberwell, London .

I am a self-employed Fashion Designer.

My Microscopy test date was 5 October 2006.

I decided to undergo the live blood test, primarily to monitor my general health and wellbeing. Before this, my main health concerns were excess weight, which was proving near impossible to shift and iron deficiency anaemia, which I suffered with for 20 years. I also suffered with poor skin and acne conditions, which was triggered by erratic hormones. I was constantly exhausted and my fitness levels were practically zero.

On the day of my blood analysis, I was naturally nervous. Knowing how in depth the test was, gave me some concerns as to what might be found. I already knew my general fitness was questionable, and I have a family history of major diseases and health concerns. Errol Denton the Microscopist was extremely understanding and reassuring. Before he began, he ensured me that there was nothing to be worried about, I was about to get some good news and some bad news. The ‘good news’ would be finding out my health challenges and the ‘bad news’ would be some of the changes to my unhealthy lifestyle I would have to make, to achieve optimum health.

It was fascinating to see my live blood on the screen, though not a very pretty sight. Errol explained the condition of my blood, and showed me healthy blood as a comparison. I had extremely acidic blood, which had developed to a very serious stage. My white blood cells could barely move around to do their job, and toxins, yeasts and parasites were moving freely in my thick, sticky blood. The red blood cells were of an abnormal shape, which attributed to my overall exhaustion. The extraordinary dry blood test spotted all my major and minor health issues, like travel sickness, arthritic pain in my foot and knee joints. My hormones were shown to be unbalanced, as was my blood sugar levels and my digestive system was under stress.

I was a complete mess, and I was forced to take the condition of my health seriously. I would have to start immediately.

I went straight to the supermarket with the shopping list Errol gave to me. He had put me on a 1-3 month liquid only alkaline feast, to clean up my blood. He was very concerned with what he had seen in the results. He assured me, with plenty of alkaline water, the pH miracle greens drinks and juices my blood would be cleaned up quite rapidly. The body is very forgiving, and wants to survive, and with better food choices, I could lose the excess weight, improve the skin, and achieve the wellbeing I had always wanted.

The first week was difficult, as I weaned my body off sugar and carbohydrates as energy and onto burning stored fat. I felt tired and nauseas, and thought I could not get through the programme. It was uphill from there really. The weight loss was immediate and dramatic. I dropped a total of 5 ½ inches from my hips and 4 inches from my waist. I felt like a teenager again, with lots more energy and movement. My husband was very pleased with my results and all my friends and family could not help but notice the change. I have been told I look ten years younger, and I was asked for age identification in a shop, to prove I was over 18. How fantastic! The scarring on my skin had reduced considerably and I no longer developed new spots. I travelled to Europe during my programme, and did so without the aid of travel pills. My joint pains disappeared, and whole body feels youthful.

I have tried many approaches to losing weight, improving my fitness levels and maintaining good skin, but none have achieved the results, that my new alkaline lifestyle has. Its interesting to know that food contributes to so many difficulties in health, but reassuring that a good diet can repair so much of the damaged caused.

I am so glad that I have been able to find the service that Errol Denton runs, and have been able to enhance my life. In the hands of mainstream medicine, I have not had any successes, and I felt cheated that this information is not readily available without much searching.

I am extremely grateful to Errol and Ruth Denton, not just for the testing and diagnosis, but more importantly for the care, thoughtfulness and consideration during my programme and new lifestyle.    




Name: Ricky Smith                                       
Buckhurst Hill Essex
Age: 47
Microscopy Test 5th July 2006
Health before:
Weight 13stone 121b
Blood pressure high 160/110
Cholesterol high 6.2
Dry skin
Arthritis right knee

I found the microscopy live blood cell test itself a very interesting and unique experience.  The test allowed me to be able to see my live blood cells moving around on a video screen.  I was able to see how my blood was really behaving inside my body.  This is something I could see no other way but by live blood microscopy.  What I saw motivated me so much that I went home and immediately began following the nutritional directions given by Errol Denton my Microscopist.

After starting the program I began to use food as a medicine.  I lost 1 1b in weight per day for the first two weeks. My skin has no dry spots and my knee has been the best it has been for years. I have been able to go back into the gym and cycle (first time for two years) feel full of energy and have started to feel more positive about things i.e. not putting things that need doing off until tomorrow.  I have also enrolled on a sailing course. All my friends and family have noticed the weight loss and have said how well I look.  I have stopped taking blood pressures tablets and have reduced blood pressure to 125/80.  My cholesterol has come down to 4.8 and I haven’t had gout in this period. I have found the follow up service provided by Mr Denton to be very good with regular phone calls with a genuine concern for my health.  I haven’t had a blood retest yet but I’m sure that my blood will be in a better condition.  I currently weigh 12stone 101b and back into 32 inches waist in jeans.  I have total confidence in the ph lifestyle although I have fallen at alcohol fence a few times I just get back on the ph lifestyle and all is well.  






Hi Errol,
Below is my testimonial.  Unfortunately my camera isn't working - would you be able to take a photo when I come for my blood test on Thursday?
Many thanks for your help in getting me started on the alkalising lifestyle - it's certainly made a big difference to my life.   I wish you every success for the future.
See you at 6:30 on Thursday.  
All the best,

My name is Angie McKenzie, I am 52 years of age and I live in Hoddesdon, Herts.


I found out about live blood analysis when I picked up a card at my hairdressers.   The card lived in my handbag for a couple of months, but just after Xmas 2006 I dug it out and decided to get my blood tested, so I contacted Errol for an appointment.  That was probably one of the most significant health decisions I've ever made in my life.   Although I wouldn't have considered myself to be unhealthy, I generally felt very tired, at 10st 7lbs weighed the most that I ever had done (though wasn't considered overweight), and I was on medication for high blood pressure.   I also had quite disturbed sleep and suffered from  night sweats.


The results of my blood tests were quite shocking and I certainly felt that I had to take action - the evidence of my high sugar and wine consumption, along with other poor eating choices and lack of adequate hydration were plain to see.    I immediately embarked on an alkalising programme, cutting out alcoholic drinks and dramatically increased my intake of raw and green vegetables, cut out meat and started drinking   'greens' and more water.  The results have been quite remarkable.   I now have more energy, sleep better than I have done in years (no more night sweats), and no longer need to take medication for high blood pressure.  The other wonderful benefit is that I now weigh what I did in my early 30s (9 stone) and fit into a size 10!   All in just under 12 weeks!!   I'm certainly looking forward to my follow up blood test - I'm sure, based on the way that I feel and look, that I will see a remarkable difference.


Oh, and by the way, based on the changes that I have experienced, by hairdresser has now also had a blood test and started on the alkalising lifestyle!


I just want to thank Errol for his help in reclaiming my health - although I made some big changes in my diet and lifestyle, his help and guidance at the beginning of the program really helped me to make the right decisions.


My name is Mr Ray Marshall

Age 41  

Woodford Green

Occupation : M.D of a building company

Testimonial Date: 22nd December 2006

My live blood test was on 12th May 2006,

I was having dizzy spells and generally felt terrible.  I suffered from migraines and high cholesterol also. My cholesterol levels were 7.3.

Errol Denton the microscopist who analysed my blood, I found him to be professional and very informative.  I got follow on phone calls and felt the after service to be excellent.

I have now lost one and a quarter stone and feel so much better.  My energy levels have increased dramatically.  My wife has also noticed the difference; my cholesterol has gone down to 4.9.

Although I am not following the diet 100% when I do have a weekend of drink and bad foods, I cannot wait to get to back on the diet.  It definitely is a lifestyle and not a fad diet.

I cannot recommend Errol and his Microscopy live blood testing enough.

Yours Sincerely

Mr R Marshall      




HRH Sultanah Pahang Shah: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sultanah_Kalsom_binti_Abdullah

Location: Wentworth, Surrey


Date of Microscopy: 27 June 2006 

Date of Testimonial 1st December 2006

Occupation:  Company Director and Housewife


Before starting this programme my energy level was a bit low and although not overweight I felt I carried a few extra pounds more than I would have liked.


Errol Denton the Microscopist who analysed my blood, I found him to be very knowledgeable in the nutritional and natural health field and was able to answer any questions on health problems.


“Since I have had my blood tested 4 months ago, I have started alkalizing eating non acidic foods drinking plenty of pH Miracle green drinks and juicing by cleaning my blood I have benefited from my weight going down 5 pounds and feel more energetic.


In November  06 I had a retest and found that my blood had  cleared of yeast the blood cells were nice  healthy state ……..


I've had a lot of comments from friends saying how well I looked, specially my eyes are looking brighter and skin clearer and generally saying I'm looking 10 years younger!!!          




My name is Anthony Houghton; I am 19 years old and live in Loughton.  At present I am not working as I was diagnosed with severe inflammation caused by Crohn’s Disease in May 2006.

I found this a terrible shock but at least I now knew what was wrong with me.

I could not walk for 10 minutes, which is the approximate time it took me to walk to the local shops without the constant need to go to the lavatory. Walking aggravated the condition so much that I gave up trying to go anywhere without driving there.  I became best pals with the cloak room. If the room was big enough I would have moved my bed in. I felt my life revolved around finding the nearest toilet before I went anywhere.

I had lost about 2 stone in weight before I went to see Errol in March 07.  When I had my first live blood test Errol sat with me and explained what I could see on the computer screen and how an alkalizing diet would improve my crohn’s.

I started the diet and within 3 days the bleeding from my bowels when I went to the lavatory stopped and has not returned. Although I still have stomach pains the urgent need to go to the toilet has gradually calmed  and the time that lapses between going is getting longer, which has improved the quality of my life.



I have to be honest and say that the diet is not an easy programme at first however you soon learn what you can eat and what you can’t the book has lots of useful recipes that my mum cooks.

I do not follow the diet strictly but I am drinking the greens and my mum tries to hide the omega oils which are not so pleasant in my foods.  Each morning I juice a whole avocado and cucumber with the omega oil which is not so bad if you like avocado. Errol has been a guiding strength helping both my mum and myself to cope. He follows through any advice, he will explain everything, he hasn’t said eat this and left us to get on with it on our own, all has been worthwhile just for the benefits I am getting. 

Errol has given me the confidence to try walking to the shops and I have since been able to do it without worry.

At the hospital I had another colonoscopy at the beginning of September 2007.  The inflammation is not severe even though the Crohn’s is still active. Having some amount of control over bowel movement has certainly helped and if I had been following the diet strictly I am sure I would have had more improvement, but I ‘m nineteen! Even what I have been eating has made me happier to have a normal teenage life with my mates instead of saying “I need to go home NOW QUICK!

I cannot thank Errol and his wife for the confidence and control over my life I have gained. I did not think that what I ate would have such a positive influence over my Crohn’s.  I have gained weight and I don’t feel as tired as I did before I started the diet, so I have decided to look for employment which was certainly not on my agenda a few months ago. I thought I would never be able to look for work because of how ill I felt.    




Microscopy Test  24th September 2006

My name is Gwendolyn Walker retired Nurse I am 79 years old and live in Forest Gate E7.

Before I had my live blood looked at by Microscopist   Errol Denton I had been feeling very unwell for sometime.  I had been to my doctors many times over the last few years but never quite felt satisfied with the results.  Due to my past career  as  a nurse  I new that my health challenges did not just  boil down to old age, I new it was more than that!!

Before seeing the microscopist Errol Denton I felt tired all the time I could hardly get out of bed some days. There would be days when I would struggle to get out of bed and have to stand for a while by my bed to get myself together before I could start moving to another part of the room or to a another  room.   I used to get severe headaches regularly every week and pains mainly in my back which I have had from my working nursing years. The pain in my back over the years has got worst  and pain used to occur day and night regularly. Hence because of my back pain and the above health challenge my sleep pattern was bad never really getting a good night’s sleep.  My blood pressure was 180/90 and I needed to lose weight.

 My overall experience of my live blood microscopy test was very interesting watching my blood stream moving around all different shape shades and sizes There was quite a bit of acid pools in my blood also cells that I think were called ghost cells…

Like most people I already knew and had the main stream CBC blood test where you get to know how many red blood cells how many white etc.  You just get given a list of numbers.  I always have wanted to know more which I got from this live blood test it showed me how my blood stream was working or not working as the case may be!!  I got to see the reason why this was occurring by viewing my own blood live on a screen. I could see all my health concerns that I have been having right in front of me. All the answers why were in seeing my blood!!

Errol Denton the microscopist I found to be very patient and very good at explaining what we were both seeing on the screen and he was very reassuring.  The after care and instructions have really educated me on how to become healthy using an Alkalarian health approach individually tailored for me and my needs.

I have always wanted my live blood test analysed I have wanted from long ago and I am very pleased I have finally had it done.  I am making good progress with my health and have a good feeling that this programme is going to continually work.  I would encourage anyone to have this test done because it’s very important to know what is really going on in the blood.

After my blood test and making the necessary changes to my diet and lifestyle as instructed. My blood pressure went down to  140/70 and has stayed at this level my tiredness has reduced dramatically on some days I have lots and lots of energy.  My severe headache has reduced I do not get them weekly anymore they are not severe like before. I have lost a few kg in weight, my back pain has reduced and over time on this programme I know it will completely go and that all my health challenges will reduce to nothing.  I want to have an update live blood test sometime next year and then I will write another update.

Being a lot healthier has allowed me to get out and about a lot more than I used to seeing friends etc being able to keep up with things physically and mentally. I can honestly say it is the best money that I have ever spent.      



Name:   Karen Lovett Hurren                                       
Age   40                                                             
Address  Stisted, Nr Braintree, Essex
Occupation  Company Director
Before my blood test with Errol I thought I was a healthy person although, I did have some problems that both doctors and food intolerance specialists couldn’t solve. So when I met Errol, I was still had questions regarding my health. By looking at my blood Errol gave me all the answers I needed.
My energy levels were always low and it didn’t seem to matter what I did, I always had a vague feeling of lethargy that was difficult to shake off.
At weekends, I could sleep for 9 and 10 hours if there was no alarm set to wake me. On weekdays, if I didn’t go to bed early, the next morning would be a struggle to actually open my eyes and haul myself out of bed. I felt almost nauseous with the effort. If I had a bad week for sleep where I had some late nights and early starts, I always got a cold. This started with a sore throat, which I fought off with Vitamin C tablets and extra fruit. It could hang around for weeks and would always come out, rendering me useless for at least 3 or 4 days. I used to suffer from headaches too, they were bad enough that I had to take painkillers to stop them, which I hated, as I don’t like taking drugs for anything.
I had used food intolerance tests before, so I knew I had a yeast problem, but had no idea that it was as bad as it was until I sat down with Errol! Other consultants had told me I had this problem, but they didn’t explain the cause of it, so I would cut out alcohol and yeast based foods for a while; feel a bit better but never completely well and then the symptoms used to come straight back. On advice, I took 2 acidophilus every day, this seemed to stop me from getting yeast infections and I changed my lifestyle so I no longer had to cope with a stressful job but the tiredness had not disappeared as I had hoped.
Before meeting Errol I did bits of exercise here and there, but I didn’t really have the energy to fully commit to an exercise programme. I hated jogging as it hurt to breathe and my joints ached.
The Blood Test
When Errol did my blood test I was fascinated, appalled and shocked! You watch your blood cells working on a screen; it’s so informative and interesting. Errol explained exactly what I was looking at in detail. Lots of my cells were full of yeast. They literally looked like donughts when they should have been round, full and dark in colour. Mine looked like they were almost luminous! Having been an avid 5 fruit and veg a day person, I had been overloading on fruit. I had been storing up trouble for my body for years without realising it. Errol gave me all this information calmly and then provided me with a complete solution. I followed his advice. He was concise, interesting and full of enthusiasm for improving my health.
Since starting the programme I have experienced significant changes.
I need less sleep.
I have loads more energy.
I haven’t had a cold or sore throat since I met Errol.
I no longer have headaches and if I feel a slight pain in my head, I drink more water and it disappears immediately.
I have started jogging three times per week and find it easy as I have so much more stamina. I now recover from exercise more quickly as I no longer have the aches and pains and breathing is much easier.
On holiday at Xmas, I swam for an hour every day and found it so easy.
My body shape has changed and I’ve lost 3 pounds with out trying.
My head is now completely clear and I no longer suffer from lethargy and fatigue.
I have become a ‘grazer'. I eat little and often which suits my system and helps with my energy levels.
My bowels are completely regular.
I eat lots more vegetables and salad stuff and have been sprouting my own seeds at home on the kitchen windowsill.
My blood even told Errol I had a problem with my left shoulder. If I suffer from stress I get tense in this area and suffer from stiffness and aches.
I now have a keen interest in nutrition and understand the effects that food, drink and stress inflict on your body and overall health.
I haven’t had a re-test yet but when I do, I am hoping that the changes I have made will make a difference to the quality of my blood.
As you can see, I have lots to thank Errol Denton at live blood test for and intend to keep in touch, as he is my health ‘guru’. All the questions I needed answers for, have been answered. I cannot thank him enough and encourage anyone who values their health to book an appointment to have their blood tested. Errol will help you to make massive changes for the better in leaps and bounds. And your body will thank you for it!

Updated testimonial for Karen 24/9/07

Dear Errol and Ruth,

Just thought I’d give you an update on my progress. 

I have had a fungal infection on my two big toes for years. I went to the Doctor who prescribed Lamisil tablets. I had to take them for 6 months and couldn’t give a blood donation which I found a little startling to say the least. The infection didn’t clear up, it just came back soon after I completed the course of tablets. I went to another GP who asked me to try the Lamisil cream instead. He told me he didn’t like prescribing the tablets as they could do damage to my kidneys. So I didn’t even use the cream, I threw it away and just put up with the infection, hoping my body might clear itself eventually. I now know that the overdoses of yeast that were in my body were causing this infection. Having been on this alkaline way of eating for some time now, I have noticed that the infection has completely cleared up on it’s own as I have given my body the chance to clear itself of yeast and the fungal infection with my diet.My hair dresser has commented on how soft my hair always is and my nails are much stronger and grow very, very quickly.My skin is always clear and soft, (unless I’m naughty and have some chocolate and then I get a spot!) Our friends and family are commenting on how well we both look and people I meet for the first time who do not know me cannot believe that I’m 41 years of age which is very nice! Thank you both once again for all your help, advice, support and encouragement. Andy and I feel like we have two new friends which is lovely.

Kind regards






 Gloria Sam                                                                 
Age 27 yrs
Live: Kennington Southwark-London
Occupation: Customer service officer
Date of Microscopy test 7th February 2007
Testimonial date 21st May 2007

Before live blood test
Yeast (all adult life)
Energy levels very low
Stress levels very high

For most of my adult life, I have been searching for the right way to solve my health problems.  I have hand problems with yeast during most of my adult life and have be using all sorts of drugs, hoping to find a solution to my problem.  Some did help but the problems came back after stopping using the drug and some did not even help.

Before staring this programme I also had low energy always feeling tired no matter how many hours I slept during the night I was always stressed out!! I easily got annoyed with the least thing and I found it difficult getting through the day at work.
Because of my problem I was always seen around all the health shops I knew and read any book I came across with the mind of coming across a solution to my problems since my doctor could not do anything to help.

I had some good results but that was not enough so, I continued my search hopping to find solution to my problem.

I came across the microscopy blood test through an advert at a local health shop, where I do my shopping.  I was anxious to see my blood but don’t know what happened for it took me a year before I could do the test.  I have not regretted having the test done.  It was a relief for me because knowing the cause of my problems was a big break-through for me.  The overall experience of my live blood test was very interesting and very helpful because it did relief me from some stresses I was going through for not knowing what was wrong with me.  It has also taught me so many things about my health. 

My whole life has turned around after the test.  My energy level has gone up and I do not fell tired the way I used to do.  My problem with yeast has also gone very well and I know if I continue to live this way, I will be able to put the yeast at bay; and also prevent it from causing major health problems.  I have also lost some weight and my stress level has also gone down.  I feel very happy within myself than I used to feel for a very long time.  This program has turned my whole life around through the way I think, through my choice of foods and much more. 
I hope I can continue to live this way and tell many of my friends about my experience and what it has done for me.
I am very much grateful to Errol and Ruth for their support.  Thank you very much.  
















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